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Robots harvesting human parts is fine but FACE OF BOE FORBID that a human female and an alien female kiss even though YOU ALL SHIP THE DOCTOR AND HIS COMPANIONS even though HE IS ALIEN AND THEY ARE HUMAN we all know this isn’t about the lizard-human thing it’s sci-fi so SERIOUSLY get of your HOMOPHOBIC HIGH HORSE and jump in the FREAKIN TARDIS and GET WITH THE TIMES.

Rant over.

Yes, this!

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I find it amazing that last tango in halifax is getting over 7m viewers weekly when its on for example:

series 1 episode 3- 7.509 million

series 1 episode 5-7.492 million

series 1 episode 6-7.480 million

series 2 episode 1-7.42 million

series 2 episode 2-7.62 million

and Dr who only got 7.3 impressive or what? 

Very impressive. :)

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